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In 1937 Raymond Egan started a small casework shop in the Richmond District of San Francisco. At its formation, Arnold and Egan was a one man operation, Raymond had no truck and delivered most of his custom pieces via the city’s famed cable car system. Over the next four years the  business grew, moving out of the small one car garage it started in, and into an upstairs warehouse. With the onset of WWII Raymond took on a partner Arnold Lechte; they began servicing the United States military building weapon and ammunition crates as well as performing contract work for the government. 
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 During the 50’s and 60’s the company continued to grow, building anything from restaurants and food facilities to retail spaces. In the Mid 1960’s Arnold decided to retire; Raymond bought his share keeping the companies name the same due to the shops reputation. During the early seventies now owner Kenneth Egan came to work for his father. Unfortunately the business took a hit in 1972 when their building burned down; however the family acted quickly and moved to their current location at 1515 Griffith Street. In 1976 Raymond passed away. Ken, new to the business and attending college took the operation over incorporating it in 1977 as Arnold and Egan Manufacturing Company.
 In 1978 Raymond’s youngest son Mark came to work for business, he now runs the shops construction operation and installation crew. Owners Kenneth and wife Rosalinda Egan, along with the help of Mark molded the company into what it is today. The 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s have been prosperous for the Company. Arnold and Egan's operation has grown immensely since it’s beginnings as a one man shop. In the early 2000’s Arnold and Egan welcomed first Danielle and then Raymond Egan to the company, Ken’s children. Danielle is the office manager and accountant, while Raymond drafts and assists Ken and Mark with the day to day operation.